Friday, May 16, 2008

.:the orders:.

can is say it is the carrot walnut week?? because most of the orders for this week is carrot walnut. ayu have place the order since last month i think. she request 2 mini cake. but then i was inform her friend, tini, who wanted carrot walnut but couldnt place order since ive close for may, ask to have 1 of the carrot walnut from her. ayu mention the background color for her carrot walnut to be in pink but since ive mix lots of extra pink cheese cream, both i use pink color. thank you ayu & tini

next order from lin, who is celebrating he 5th anniversary! happy 5th anniversary dear. semoga lin sentiasa bahagia disamping keluarga tersayang. lin request me to do exactly the same design like shalia's. yeah i know shalia's design super duper cute.

next is from ira, ema's friend. though she requested 25pcs of vanilla, but i do mix with 5 pcs of vanilla with chip choc =D memandai sungguh la aku ni. its for her hubby's birthday. she told me that her hubby was overwhelm when received the cuppies. happy burfday to ira's hubby. may both of u live happily ever after

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