Thursday, May 22, 2008

.:hantaran cake (wedding gift cake):.

gosh i fall asleep eventually. then woke up feel dizzy. this always happen to me if i take a nap during day time =( sometimes i just cant help it. im too tired. actually aida (my jr at school, semsas) ordered the cake with gold theme. but its difficult to create 'gold' as it is unless i use few bottles of the pearl dust gold colour which will increase the price of cake. satu botol kecik mahal weh!

to tell the truth, this is my 1st hantaran cake made of fondant. yeah i know, ive done with fondant so many time, but it is different when it comes to 1 whole big cake. must be more mature, serious. totally different from children birthday cake. but alhamdullillah. over all, im satisfied with the finale product. not bad for a 1st timer like me. thank you aida & family for having trust in me =D

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