Monday, May 26, 2008

.:the wedding cake:.

i was very excited when aida (jr @ semsas) ask me to do 2-tiers wedding cake. and she did request to top it with bride & groom doll. i hate to use the ordinary plastic bride & groom doll. sungguh la ketinggalan pesen rasanya =P being eager to create own bride & groom model, i dare myself to make it. along the way in creating those figurines, i really had great time. i started at 1.30am and finish at 5.30am! result? as u can see in my previous entry =D love the bride, not so happy with the groom. owh well, i feel quite happy because it is my 1st time making such figurine =D horray for myself =P (perasan sungguh)

well aida, i really hope ur brother will feel proud with the 2-tiers cake =D and really really hope the cake survive along the journey. selamat pengantin baru azmil!

i really cant get enough from eying this cake. i am so happy with the 1st time 2-tiers wedding cake! do u think it is ok? well, for this type of cake, i would advice to place order at least 1 month before ur big day! or else i have to use ordinary bride & groom topper! price depend on the size, types of finishing. anything just email to me =D

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