Sunday, May 18, 2008

.:details i need when placing order/s:.

from now on, i will use this details as standard for placing order/s. this is to ensure that i didnt miss @ mix up orderings. please refer to date that i stated when im available. but somehow, i do take adhoc order/s BUT depend on the availability and designs. but please, do give me notice at least 1 week before the pick up date for orders less than 50 pcs.

email to me details as below:

Contact num (mandatory)  =
Pick up date =
Time =

> size/pcs =
> flav =
> finishing =
> deco/theme =
> wordings =
> special request =
> price = *will be finalize once everything is done

and please include ur name as well when sms to me =D early cooperation i seek from u guys =P thank you!

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