Friday, May 2, 2008

.:semua pun naik:.

it is so sad to see our economic situation. the inflation rate goes higher year by year. things getting expensive day by day. RM50 seems meaningless to us. in few second gone. and there u go your RM50. and to tell the truth, we homemade base cake makers do feel the impact. as the flour price goes up, definitely others will be on the track soon. trust me, i've been told by the supplier in few days, more and more items will increase too =( let me tell u few example. i've been involve in this line for only 7 months. and within 7 months, butter have been increased 3 times. take a look SCS butter (as i use this), 1st it is around RM3++, then increase to RM5++ and now almost RM8! goodness me! and for cheese cream, 1st RM35.50, then RM38.50 and now RM42 (but in BWY they sell at RM40). last but not least, corn oil (naturel). few months ago it is RM18++ and now almost RM30! owh my god. price increased almost double.

nak tak nak, dengan berat hati terpaksa jugak saya naikkan harga few cakes & cuppies. terutama whole cake =( owh how i hate this soooo much. but i didnt have choice. those who already place order for this month as well as june, worry not as the price will be follow the current price =(

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