Thursday, May 22, 2008

.:engagement cuppies (triplet roses):.

i still feel sleepy but i cant sleep as there are some errands need to settle. haihhh feel like those pillows & bed keep on calling me =( ngantuk okeh! before i start do some baking, better for me to take 5 by updating this blog. the person who order these cuppies are my neighbor's daughter (the time when we stayed at ipoh). if not mistaken its for her cousin. she request to have maroon theme but my goodness! its very difficult to get the exact color. so for next order, i really appreciate if we could discuss the color. but overall, i really heart this cuppies as i try the new method of making roses. making those small roses really drift me into another world. the cuteness of thoses roses really mesmerize me (cheh perasan sungguh la diri ku). some may said why bother & make ur life difficult when u can buy ready made roses. well, its all up to u. for me, if i had plenty of time (actually tak banyak, but the eagerness of trying new method drives the mood to create such lovely roses) why not i make by myself =D

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