Wednesday, May 21, 2008

.:more cuppies:.

im too tired today to to hard work with fondant! naik segala urat-urat ku. tak payah ke gym lagi =P okay back to our story. kak ani from TM placed the order quite sometime...rasanynya awal bulan mei kot ke akhir april. she mention that she wanted to bring to megat's school. so i suggest her to have mini cuppies. besides the medium cuppies. she request to draw batman, ultraman and spiderman. uhuhu i cant draw the whole body of the superheros since surface are too small. so i decide to draw the logo as well as the head only. owh boy! i really need to polish my drawing skill. to megat, happy birthday!

the super heros cuppies

the mini cuppies

next order was from rina, a return customer. she did request the design and once when i finished the deco, rasa mcm tak kena plak. but then again, she request like that. kita ikut je la. she told me that she & her hubby have been know each other for about 15 years! happy anniversary to both if you!

the anniversary cum music cuppies

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