Wednesday, May 14, 2008

.:todays order:.

munira order for her aunty, 25pcs carrot walnut with individual letterings. when she pick up the cuppies, she did ask me whether do i have extra cuppies or not. and yes i do, but all of them still not decorate yet. she said it is ok plain as she afraid that her kids will want some too. normally i sell loose cuppies RM2.50 each. but since the deco was very simple, so i said RM2 each. i just pipe choc ganache and sprinkle colourful droplets. i hope ur kids enjoy those cuppies with minimum deco. thank you munira.

when nadya call me and mention bout her mom's cuppies im panic. why? because i havent start deco yet! its already 6.00pm and she wanted to pick up that night. then slowly i make myself clam and started the deco work. and wallah! i manage to finish the deco works within 1 and half hours! including the stick wordings too. but lucky me when i ask nadya to check the wordings. ehehehhee i left the num "XX". lucky me. kalau tak sure nadya rasa frust =) thanks nadya. happy XX birthday aunty!

errrr sorry for the blurry photo as im in hurry =P

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