Monday, May 5, 2008

.:happy faces again:.

i must admit that while writing this entry, i can feel the whole body aching! lucky that i've done with baking for tomorrow. my mind float somewhere *sigh

okay back to the track. this orders were placed by azleen (i got confuse today because there are two customers for today with same name though different spelling). azleen order carrot walnut with individual names on it. i think they are for her colleague. then she did also order choc hazelnut cheese, also with individual names on it. feel so frustrated as i didnt manage to snap the choc hazel cheese cuppies. my bad. azleen, if u ever read this, i minta jasa baik u, if u ada amik photo for choc hazel cheese cuppies, can u email it to me =D thank you ya azleen

the face ~ carrot walnut

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