Sunday, May 18, 2008

.:FPKids Gathering 2008:.

i've been joing the fotopages since 2005 and get active once when i had my own daughter. last year was the 2nd time Mom & Babies Gathering which i didnt have chance to join to until the event warp up due to my class schedule. and for this year, i sponsor the BIG cake since i can bake =P why not right. dont ask me what's the weight of this cake but for me, i need someone to help me to hold the cake as it is very heavy! i combine 2 cakes become 1 big cake. quite challenging for me to smoothen the frosting . i hate to see uneven surface =( nampak sangat kerja tak kemas la kan, which i hate it so much. but then, the finishing deco save me =D im glad everyone enjoy the cake ... as well as the cuppies deco =D

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