Sunday, May 11, 2008

.:bumble bee busy pt5:.

goshhh..i feel so happy and relief as the mothers day celebration is over (which to me everyday is mothers day!). so that i can have enough rest. i take my nap after lunch and only wake up when the last customer for today pick up her cuppies. and definitely tonight i cant sleep =P

actually theres a story behind this cuppies. zaza did email to me the changes and i totally forgot about it. lucky me to recheck the order's info before she came and collect. and double lucky to me because there are extra cuppies flavor like she requested. so photos below are the correct order she placed. and im soooo glad she's happy with it. thank you zaza

and this is the correct design like what zaza expect. phewww im so glad that i manage to patch up my mistake. my bad =(

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