Saturday, May 17, 2008

.:more of carrot walnut cuppies:.

i think i've lost my track. kepala dah much of carrot walnut i guess. it seems like demand for carrot walnut cuppies is back. this time, mona's boss ordered 50pcs of carrot walnut and requested to deco with flower power =Di like so much when clients request me to deco with flowers =D thanks mona!

owhh i like so much this type of flowers

muzie, shes one of my return customer and these orders is 3rd time from her. thank you su much for the endless support muzie. i really hope u & ur friends enjoy eating those cuppies. for this time, she order 3 set of cuppies and they are carrot walnut, vanilla choc chip @ choc mint with choc chip.

the choc mint with chip choc

the vanilla with chip choc

design for the 25pcs of carrot walnut

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