Saturday, April 18, 2009

.:iman now is 3:.

peace be upon u

i was totally knocked out today. right after attending a birthday bash, i slept soundless like a baby and just wake up around 10pm! goshhh, i must be very tired for being stayed up few days in a row. is that sign im old =P perhaps

this cake was for iman, who turns to 3 last few days i guess. correct me if im wrong anil. and anil, thank you so much for the endless support =) to iman, happy birthday dear! tapikan anil, the 1st time u place order and u mention to have dibo the dragon as the theme, i was like... "cartoon apa erk tu". then i goggle and "owhhh, thsi cartoon ke". eheheh this is the blessed of having 'magic' at ur fingertips!

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