Friday, April 3, 2009


peace be upon u

the mother, elin, throwing a bash for both of her handsome lil guy, khilfi and khazin. dealing with elin was such a nice please since she's not too fussy. "buat apa-apa je la. ada mickey mouse pun dah okay". because her son, khilfi sangat la over into mickey mouse. elin, i bet khilfi puas hati visit disneyland that day kan. did he meet that red+black rat? hehehee i hope he did!

and here it is, both boys's cake. simply love the usage of M&Ms. hehehhe seronok je susun all these M&Ms. menggasikkan. to elin, thank you soooo much for the endless support. and so sorry couldnt join the party (i wish i could be a ginie, so that i can be anywhere at anytime with just 1 blink) as i've earlier committment. to khilfi and khazin, happy birthday boys!

p/s: alhamdullilah...thanks Allah. i would like to extend my warmest congratulations to my dad, for being promoted to JUSA B =D we are so proud of u dad! and yes, i know how u wish i can follow ur trail but tak de rezeki =(

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