Friday, April 3, 2009

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peace be upon u

i should finish up my works then only i can hook myself in front of this lappy. but i just cant resist my self. ehehehe nak take 5 la jugak kan. after looooooong hours of working in the kitchen. phewww im done with 1000pcs and cakes! ni tinggal nak letak bunga jerk =D

okay these 2 cakes were ordered by mareyana, mpsj for her daughters, shafirha and shafirza. shafirha turns 7 years and shafirza turns 1 year. both i make with soft rose patel colors =D and yes, i enjoy to the max making these two cakes. and to mareyana, thank you sooo much for having faith in me =) to both angels, shafirha and shafirza, happy birthday gurls!

kawan i, shelly, ada buat free gift away cuppies. and dia ada lagi 2 sets to grab. sorang bleh dapat 1 set jerk and meaning tinggal lagi 2 orang je la erk. for more details, please click at her blog, here. thank you

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