Friday, April 17, 2009

.:it is yaya's day:.

peace be upon u

ermm where to start erk. i have few stories to jot at here. okey here we go. 1st, my phone service got stuck! and it is like what the heck. reason, i've entered more than 3 times with wrong pin number. and the best part is, "u have to wait 24 hours then only u can reload ur phone". owh my god! kenapa la lembap dan slow sangat service X-pax ni.

2nd, i'm still awake at this hour in completing my works. no matter how tired i am, it is not my style to do the deco 'cincai-cincai' due to my sleepiness. and because of that, i will make sure my lappy infront of me while im doing my work. and now i'm watching Ali Setan. my all time favorite! tak pernah rasa bosan tengok and because of this movie, i choose USM as my place to further my study =D sangat la nostalgic watching this movie =D

3rd, here are the cake & cuppies for my niece, adreana sofea who turns 4 years old last week =D so my sis ask me to bake the goodies cuppies for her friends at kindy. yaya, mak long wish you happy 4th birthday! jangan nakal-nakal and asyik nanges okeh!

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