Friday, April 24, 2009

.:menuju puncak:.

peace be upon u

actually the title ada dua makna. 1st of course regarding these cuppies. they belongs to sarah's =D this is the 2nd set sarah's mommy, shay, order from me. i've been told that this time, the celebration is on her hubby's family. wah sarah, u are so lucky to have 2 celebrations for ur 2 years old. shay kalo 3 tahun nanti, 3 kali ke celebrations =D like in previous, order senang sangat deal dengan shay =D again sarah, happy 2 years! u have loooooooong journey to discover untuk sampai ke puncak!

and for the 2nd meaning....ada kat bawah tu ha. carik la sendirik

p/s: quotation for today..... "there is no shortcut to success". fiza & ellie, korang mesti paham kan =( sungguh la tak de mood. and my mood jatuh merundum macam pasaran saham kat wall street!

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