Tuesday, April 21, 2009

.:salma bugs'day:.

photos courtesy of julie

peace be upon u

owhh please pardon me. i really cant get enuf of posting these cuppies and cake's photos. rasa cam susahnya nak pilih which one. and paling susah bila i've seen too many photos yang cantik-cantik captured by my friends =D lagi la rambang mata nak pilih.

enuf said. it's salma azalea's 1st birthday and alin (her mommy la of course) decide to have bugs theme party. she's so good in planning party. memang gempak habis la. alin did give me few ideas for salma's cake and cuppies and here they are. seronok giler okeh buat =D and alin, thank you soooo much sebab tak pernah fade kepercayaan u pada i untuk buat cake anak-anak u =D thank you so much and yes, me and my lil butterfly gurl had so much fun at the party. sampai my gurl tak mo balik =D

salma azalea, happy 1st birthday gurl!

p/s: and HURRAYYYY! i dah beli flash for my d60 =D but huhuhu nikon dah naik price la =( there u goes.. another big hole in my piggy bank =P

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