Monday, April 6, 2009

.:aleeya is 8:.

peace be upon u

one thing that i suffer from baking all these while sleeping mode is no more in 'normal' condition. dah jadik caca marba dah. for example, i sleep late last night and was planning to take nape this evening. end up... mata terpejam kejap jerk, pastu tersentak jaga. dah pening kepala =(

elmi, sorry okeh i lambat upload cake ur daughter's birthday =) thank you so much for the orders and dealing with you was very easy =) to aleeya, happy 8th birthday dear! may u grow pretty as barbie

i just realize that my follower going to be 100! yayyyy thank you sooo much guys! therefore, i have one good news =D the 100th follower will get a set of 16pcs cuppies with strawberry deco for FREE. aha... the one yang ada seketul strawberry on each of cupcake =D once u dah sign up to be the 100 follower, sms me and mention u r the 100 follower and leave ur email add at my shout box =D

thank you to pingganrahangraksasa @ pel for being the 100th follower. i will email to u ya pel =) thank you.

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