Friday, January 2, 2009

.:hantaran cuppies:.

peace be upon u

it's the 1st jan of 2009. wishing to all of u happy new year. may this year would be better than yesteryears. i have so many thing to jot down but time wasnt by my side today. gheeee same old lame pathetic excuse eyy? but never mind, whenever i have times, surely i will write more. hohohoho perasan sendirik maca ada yang nak baca semua cerita-cerita. lain la if my writing as good as kak wiz.

it seems like this pattern was the most popular deco for last year. how i wish i could do something different from this but hey, this is what been request by customer. saya yang menurut perintah =P kak wan from perbadanan putrajaya order 20pcs of this and i bet they survive along the way kan kak wan. tatau la brape kali dah my cuppies terbang membelah awan biru =p lucky them!

to kak wan, thank you so much =)

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