Monday, January 5, 2009

.:more of cuppies:.

peace be upon u

haa tak kira. today nak jugak-jugak settelkan semuaaaa entry tertunggak. tak banyak lagik dah ni. but definitely i cant write much like usual. after all, kindda lack of idea what to write la. after this im going to try a new recipe for yellow cupcake @ vanilla cupcake and lemon poppy seed cupcake. kalau sempat la.

these cuppies were ordered by ainoor for her mother's birthday. thank you sooo much dear. to aunty, happy 51st birthday. same age like my mom. and ainoor shud u have any problem @ need help during the 3 months at bangalore, do let me know. will ask my sister who is currently study at there to help u. just let me know ya

and this 25pcs choc cheese hazelnut for najidah. i hate when i want to use berries, they were out of stock or the berries are not in good shape. and lucky that day they have fresh, nice and great cherries. so i opt to use cherries though cherries a bit expensive then berries. thank you najidah for being tolerate =P

and this set pula, syaira yang order. she wanted her cuppies to deco with green roses and loves. the wordings are made of fondant "shah love ira". thank you ya ira =)

and this set, for kuza. dia nak theme nursing, catering & hotel and car. katanya untuk adik-adik dia. thank you ya kuza. easy to deal with u. hope u and others enjoy eating them! to ur siblings, good luck!

nampak gaya azam nk perabiskan update entry tertunggak tak tercapai le. sambung nanti la erk. need to go to the kitchen now. or else i will be tucking myself in the duvet and dooze away to lala land

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