Wednesday, January 21, 2009


peace be upon u

my daughter's temperature hasten this morning =( im very worried whenever she caught with fever. had a terrible experience when she was about 6mos++. she has been warded for 2 weeks because of endless vomit & diarrhea and of course, high temperature. tapi tak de la sampai fit ke apa kan, alhamdullilah. i just hope she will recover soon as i dah tak larat nak perang dengan dia setiap kali bagi ubat. ast skali, kasik suppository je la.

okay back to cakes story. this set was ordered by linda, return customer too. and since it is very very ad-hov. i can only make simple design. linda, i hope u and ur friends enjoy eating the carrot walnut cuppies ya. to noi, all the best!

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