Sunday, January 18, 2009

.:this is love:.

peace be upon u

1st, thank you sooo much elly for being tolerate with me. it wasnt easy to get good great looking strawberries. gosh, only Allah knows how trouble i am while making this set. merata-rata okehc arik strawberry. even did persuade hubby to search the strawberries while he's on he way meeting his client. thank you ek dear though u didnt manage to find any.

the next day, i just try my luck to JJ equine. alhamdullilah! syukur sangat-sangat. melambak-lambak fresh, good & great looking strawberries! yippie.

again ... thank you sooo much elly

starting from
1st February 2009, price for certain items will be increase.

p/s: haiyakkk to lazy la to transfer photos from camera =P

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