Wednesday, January 28, 2009

.:the big day:.

peace be upon u

i dont know why lately my mood in decorating cuppies goes down. maybe because of not feeling well kot. ye la, dah dua-dua tumbang.

aida, my jr @ SEMSAS and also my earliest customer .. andddd my very loyal customer =D order few items. this time is for her sister's wedding. remember the 1st bride & groom figurine that i made? it was her brother's wedding cake. thank you so much aida for the endless support =)

this is the cutting cake. memang pengantin perempuan sendiri nak 1 tingkat je

yang ni plak, cake hantaran. pengantin sendiri request simple =)

yang ni plak, kek birthday aiman, anak aida @ anak sedara pengantin perempuan

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