Friday, January 2, 2009


peace be upon u

watie from seremban email me the details of the cake. she wanted it to be deco with something that will make the birthday boy surprise. i must admit not all of the time my head full of ideas. especially when customer mention "make something surprise". lagi la takut okeh. taku sendiri syiok deco sendiri yang prasan akan jadi surprise. after sitting in front of frosted cake for few minutes, i manage to think of something but erkkk the idea keep on changing to this and that and finally, here is the result. and i do pray that the surprise betul-betul jadik surprise.

i never know that the birthday boy live in melacca. sakan cake ni berjalan. and alhamdullilah, waties text me nk say that the birthday boy memang betul-betul surprise. ahhh yes, not only him but his daughters as well. thank you ya watie

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