Friday, January 30, 2009

.:i heart purple:.

peace be upon u

the unwell feeling still wrap me tightly. but i must fight it back. or else, sumpah malas nak buat kerja.

can we skip that. let us go straight to the details of the entry. lela already book the date quite sometime. sufficient time for me to think of the deco that i want to use as she told me "buat la apa-apa pun asalkan purple". wahhh i love this type of instruction. but sometimes if i'm running out of idea, how i wish my customer give guidance =p ni le manusia kan. tak pernah nak rasa ok dengan apa pun =P

she ordered 16pcs of cuppies & 9" vanilla sponge cake (i layered with bluberry filling). goodness me! trust me, if u are my flickr follower, definitely u guys know nicky & bev. both of them are my cyber friend =D trust me, u will amaze with all their creations. i never feel bored looking again and again their art works. and here they are, i try to copycat the style but not even 10% look like them =p owh well, at least i make lela feel happy =D

and the style was inspired by nina as well as kak jun

to lela, thank you so much. to nicky & bev, thank you for being such good friend though we never meet =D

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