Monday, January 19, 2009

.:for a dear friend:.

peace be upon u

hanisah called me and whether is there any extra cuppies that day. yes is the answer but no, i cant deco for that day. then she agreed to have it the next day and ask to deliver to her friend @ cyberjaya. because it is her friend, nurul, birthday. such a sweet darling friendship. to hanisah, thank you. to nurul, happy birthday.

last few days, i got call from some one from klang. and the best part, all my smses terdelete secara tak sengaja. the only thing yang saya ingat, that lady from klang minta quotation on birthday cake, cuppies and tarts for her kid's birthday somewhere dalam bulan march. pretty please, if u ever read this note, tolong sms akak semula la dik. or would be appreciate if u can send me an email ya. sorry sangat-sangat for the toubleness

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