Thursday, April 24, 2008

.:the exam cuppies:.

yeah i know i should concentrate more on my studies. but OMG! i just cant stop my hands from baking & decorating those cuppies. it seems like they are calling me to make them pretty *LOL. just kidding =D actually syaz has placed her order since last month i guess. the time when she placed the order, my exam schedule was not available. but somehow, i owe her a lot! ehehee because her order really makes my day =D syaz ordered the chocky crazy set. its for her hubby's birthday. then hanis, tag along syaz orders. she requested the shopaholic theme. at first i have few ideas what to draw on it. but suddenly in the middle of working on it, i just realize that i'm short 2 designs. i was like..."alamak. what to draw erk". hanis, i really hope that u like the drawing i've made.

syaz's order; the chocky crazy set

hanis's, the shopaholic set

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