Sunday, July 19, 2009

.:labour of love:.

peace be upon u

i have problem in making the 1st set. and how i wish i didnt make it cause it happen due to misunderstanding and miscommunication between me and yani. sorry yani. i didnt came out with what u expect. but i do really hope the 2nd set does meet ur requirement and expectation. thank you yani.

p/s: a lil note for beloved customer. if u do have certain details that cant be explain just via email @ sms @ phone call, i would love to advice u to meet me and explain every singe details u want me to do. even the leave colors, od the centre bud. please dont expect me to understand what u need just by giving me the photos and colors u want without details explanation. i tak nak la menda-menda yang tak sepatutnya berlaku, berlaku. i really appreciate ur cooperation.

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