Wednesday, April 2, 2008

.:madness week pt. 4:.

just imagine, while busy making the 31st march order i still manage to escape myself to attend lynn's miniature wedding cakes. gheeee gile okeh. why do i say so? its because then next day i need to settle 300 pcs choc moist cuppies with lots of drawing on it! but alhamdullilah, i manage to do so and of course my siblings & mom help me :D a BIG thank you to my mom, farah & ajen. and of course my maid :P

just imagine, i started to bake those cuppies on th 31st march evening and deco it from 8pm until errr... 8am! in between i manage to sleep for a while... was about 1 hour kot. tido pun sebab masa dok tulis atas cuppies tu dah jadik wording lain :P apart from 300pcs cuppies, ira also ask me to make a set of cuppies as corporate gift :D and seriously im in love with my own roses (perasan okeh :P)

again, thank you ira.

the 300 pcs of cuppies

the theme is IT so ira request to draw lappy, mouse & also flowers. but when i find out that the mouse turn into sperm and i was like euwwwwww whos gonna eat those cuppies with sperm on top of it :p

owh my god! im soooo in lurve making those roses! and this baby blue roses is my 2nd attempt. sangat la suka okeh. i dont mind to sleep late until 4 @ 5 am .. as long im happy with the outcome. hope i can do more than roses ;)

i was so frustrated when i look at this photo. its bloody blurry and i cant capture it again..forever
this due to my tiredness and in fact while capturing this photo, i feel my head very heavy, my body floating ... penat tu

cuppies for corporate gift, with the LOGO. its USIM

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