Tuesday, April 1, 2008

.:madness week pt. 1:.

i was super duper busy...super duper tired ... super duper of everything. starting from last saturday until today, i would say it was the most hectic day in my life but i really enjoy doing it. ada yg sambil deco atas cuppies aku terlelap tau. sedar-sedar celik mata ntah hape-hape aku tulis :P

my madness weekend started with linda's order. since she's going to bring it to a burfday, i suggest her to have mini choc cuppies. tak de la bazir sangat kan if bebudak bebuang @ makan separuh. linda, nice to meet u tau. soooo peramah & i kalau orang peramah segan i pun hilang. ur son super duper cute & comel :D and sooo sorry sbb mmg tak dapat nk buat itu carrot walnut. some other time eyyy. and i feel a big relief when u call me to testify the mini cuppies. thank you so much! glad to hear u guys enjoy it during the bash.

thank you linda!

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