Thursday, April 3, 2008

.:madness week pt. 5:.

like i told in my previous entry, i still manage to attend lynn's miniature class. i am so overwhelm. not only being treated nicely by lynn, but as well as her mom too! the food that been prepared by her mom simply delicious and i help my self for the 2nd round! muka tak malu kan. abes tu dah sedap :D last but not least, the cucur to coupled with sambal kicap sangat la heaven. over all, mmg tak akan rugi la if attend kelas lynn ni. after all, the students pun sangat la havoc and feel like we have been know each other for ages. to zuhri, yuna, julie, alia and elle (aku utang ko satu menda kan. nnt aku free aku email kt ko erk), nice meeting u guys. hope to see u guys again. and to lynn, like always, THANK YOU so much for the hospitality. if plan kak zati on, do let me know ya :D

these miniature can also be as the wedding @ engagement gift.

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