Tuesday, April 29, 2008

.:after hibernation:.

i must admit that once when we off from doing our routine task, when we get back to the track, we will feel like, goodness me. need to warm up the engine, then only we can do our work like usual. after almost 2 weeks of hibernating, last night i face big problem. my ideas seem to lost in the middle of dessert. to complete the 16pcs seems like very difficult for me to do. over all, i manage to finish with my task when clock almost strike to 5am! but somehow, i feel satisfied with the end product. to alycia, siti and as, thank you so much. to as, akak minta maaf sangat-sangat. sebab akak dah confuse and get mix up with both of ur email =( sorry sangat-sangat erk.

this is mini cuppies set, chip choc flavor. ordered by as

and thats the size =D

and this 40pcs faces made of carrot walnut ordered by alycia. each face represent her colleague. the original idea was from Cake Frosting.

and this is for siti. assorted of chip choc, carrot walnut and vanilla.

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