Tuesday, April 1, 2008

.:madness week pt. 2:.

zaimah already place the order a month earlier :D the best part is she request to use pink as theme color. senang kerja :D but when comes to deco the big cake, i was like... owh dear. how to deco a big cake with only 1 color. then suddenly i remember her, yulia. i always adore how she deco her cakes. sangat cantik okeh. the best part, she already give permission to me to copy her design. u should go and see all her cakes! splendid! she is good in using 1 scheme color. apart from that, i always jealous that most of her cake smooth. and again yulia, thank you so much for the tips. i really appreciate it.

okay back to the order. zaimah order 1 big choc moist cake, 30pcs medium cuppies with names on the top. it is soooo cute to see our name on top of the cuppies. really feel glad that zaimah enjoy the cakes as much as i enjoy decorating it!

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