Sunday, April 13, 2008

.:yaya's cake:.

its my niece 3rd burfday. her mother ask me to do only 1 cake this time. normally if the bro have cake, the lil' sister also will have 1. just like me & my sister when we were small. when its my burfday, surely i can pick what ever pressie i want to, but she surely will have smaller pressie. wnd when her burfday, vice versa happen =) how i miss my kiddie time.

okay back to the cake story. since the day i've received one of debbie's book, my eagerness in making figurine cake stronger and stronger. so i guess now is the right time for me to do a little experiment though i have tonnes of school works to be settle. i just cant resist! in the book said that 12 princesses but due to lack of time, i only manage to make 4 princesses @ cake keeper. over all, what i can say is im not 100% satisfied with the end product but what else can i expect...without any formal about figurine cake, only this i can produce which i need to practice more and more. and i cant wait for my semester break =) and im waiting for more books! so guys, enjoy the photos below!

there are cupcakes inside the princesses =)

the main cake

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