Tuesday, April 8, 2008

.:choc here & there:.

whenever customer seek advice from me what flavor of cake should they pick up, definitely i will say CHOC. anything relate to choc will be my 1st recommendation. i know some of u guys out there didnt fancy choc as much as i do :P nak buat cemana, choc mmh sedap sangat

shikin is one of them i guess. because this is her 2nd time ordering the same flavor, choc hazelnut cheese. she wanted the same design like i did last few weeks. but the most frustrating part is most of the strawberries that i bought @ KLCC rotten! just imagine out of 24, only 7 meet my QC. as a solution, i use daim choc. i donno how does it taste to combine it with daim. i really hope shikin & her hubby (those cheese cuppies utk ur habby kan dik?) enjoy the so call new deco :P

next, its from jue. ada 2 cerita menarik behind the scene :P 1st, i still manage to escape my self to join my family @ melacca for dinner that particular nite and the best part is, i still havent bake jue's order. just imagine we make a move around 6pm and reach back home at 12.30 midnite and as soon as i change my outfit, i started the baking thingy. 2nd story behind the scene is, both f us confused! tak pe la jue...maybe bukan rezeki bebudak kat nursery tu kot. len kali la kot. anyway, thank you ya jue.

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