Sunday, April 6, 2008

.:over the weekend:.

my weekend started with oder from ayu, a return customer. i got to know ayu through our sister. i mean my sister & her sister. both of them study at same place, bangalore. and both of them just came back for short holiday yesterday. so ayu ordered carrot walnut cuppies for her sister to bring back to kelantan. hope those cuppies survive through out the flight to KB :D and a lil note for ayu. lega i tau sbb i thought anak i sorang je mcm tu :) to me tak kisah la dia mcm tu as long depa ni sihat...agree tak ayu

the next order was quite challenging to me since it is something new to me and something im dying to do. but due to my limit time, so i have to keep aside the eagerness of doing so. i've stock up few books for that project :P nasyrah request to have a cake with dora and friends. the only character that i manage to to are dora (fat version) and boots. at first, dora was really in shape. tak de la gemuk. but the next day when i woke up, i was like "alamak. kenapa dora ku tenggelam, penyet & gemuk". to tell the truth, i was not satisfied at all with the end product. if only i had plenty of time, definitely i will do another dora. boots? ive no problem for that lil monkey. the next challenge is..... how to deco the cake. memang tak dak idea langsung. dok ngadap depan cake tu kemain lama. in the end, the idea just pop like that :P lucky me i did bake some extra sponge small cake. so i use that as island. and finally, alhamdullilah, i finished deco the cake and i feel eally happy though i was not satisfied with that fat dora!

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