Thursday, November 18, 2010

.:new version mini me:.

peace be upon u

to tell the truth, i hate uploading photos via picasa cause it will down grade the quality of my photo. *penat je beria snap gambar* i've no choice other than use the picasa since my usage for uploading photos in this blog almost reach the maximum level. *malas nak beli sebab nanti end up ntah hape-hape. just look at my shout box. so called premium and can eliminate those unwanted IP. penuh jugak spam*

okay okay, enuf pf babbling. like i've mention in my previous entry, heres the new version (yang lama masih ada lagi) of mini me. i use 1oz souffle cup and therefore, i can draw or even use the edible image for the decoration. but of coz la kan, the price will not be the same like the classic one. for 36pcs, normal deco, it will be RM50

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