Wednesday, July 1, 2009

.:adam's jungle cake:.

peace be upon u

remember this entry? it was about a year ago =D and this time, adam request the same theme from the parents and i was like "haiyorkkk cemana nak come out with different style but same theme". then miracle happen once i touch the fondant =D alhamdullilah..syukran Allah for the gift that You give to me.

so kerja i, buat seberapa banyak figurines ni, then bila dah siap base cake, baru le i letak sana sini. adam, next year suruh mama order cake dengan aunty awal 2,3 bulan okeh. nanti tak de aunty kena shock macam aritu.

p/s: sekadar pemberitahuan. those yang nak order cake macam ni, i mean cake yang melibatkan figurine, please place ur order at least 1 month in advance with 1 condition, date yang u pilih tu i masih available. reason i buat macam ni, bila i ada order kek macam ni, i kena reduce order for that date. meaning 101% concentration i kena bagi kat cake ni. and this kind of cake price will be a a bit expensive and pircing base on how many figurines u want me to put on the cake and the level of difficulties nak buat figurine tu semua.

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