Tuesday, July 7, 2009

.:away for a while:.

peace be upon u

sorry for being silent for a while. yes, currently im very very busy as right now im attenting pme diploma on sugar flower course, which will only finish this saturday. therefore, i would like to extend my apology if i am very very late in respond and replying emails. cant help much as class start from 9am and end at errr... suppose by evening. but, never ever think of going back home early if u attend this kind of course. banyak bunga nak kena buat, banyak homework nak kena settle with. yesterday, i stop around 8pm and today 9pm. perhaps tomorrow 10pm?? wallahu'alam. but since the course is a bit pricey but damn worth to attend (banyak gila tools dapat), of course la kena utilize to the max masa dalam kelas kan =) till then, take care ya

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