Sunday, June 22, 2008

.:the enchanted jungle:.

well, this will be the longest entry so far. but of course, full with photos! not my writing cause im not good in writing. if i can write, definitely i will be a journalist =D

by looking at the title, i bet u guys know roughly what kind of cake it is right? and to tell the truth, i truly enjoy making this cake though i suffer from backache *LOL =D and this is one of the reason why i cant accept any order for last week & the following week. i need to put all my strength & concentration on this cake. i've been working with the animals figurine past few days. mind you, all are hand made, including the bark =D hubby didnt believe when he saw the cake and ask me "did u use any mould to create the bark effect?" nope, i didnt =D did that with knife.

for a person like me, who never had chance to attend any figurine class @ any 3D class, i would say that im more than happy to see the end product =D and of course when the customer say "buat la cemana pun cake tu janji ikut theme dia, jungle". meaning budget is not the limitation =D

till fingers meet the keyboard, happy viewing =D

the enchanted cuppies =D

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