Monday, July 20, 2009

.:in fairy land:.

peace be upon u

omigosh omigosh! i need to boost up my energy level! too many things yet too little time i have. owhh no, im not complaining that 24hrs/day is not sufficient with me. i just need to be more organize. no matter how many hours Allah give to u, we will keep on saying "24jam rasa tak cukup la". dah memang manusia peel macam tu kan.

owh well, put that aside. have a look at these photos =) thanks eqinn. and sorry i terlupa nak attach the wings. dah siap hantar baru i prasan.. itu pun masa dok browse gambar ni and just realize, aiseh tinkerbell (dah la tak de rupa sangat) dah hilang wings dia la.

to both of u, a'rish & bilqish, happy birthday dear!

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