Sunday, July 26, 2009

.:arlia is 1:.

peace be upon

she's such adorable baby. as sweet as her name and pretty to like her two sisters and mommy. she is arlia, shikin's 3rd daughter. owh some of us already know her cause she's the owner of Girl Charms.

i must say shikin such a wonderful person blessed with multiskill. she's an engineer, she's a good party planner, good tailor and of course good mommy =)

to arlia, happy 1st year dear and to shikin, thank you. btw, we've been knowing each other for almost 15 years thought we are from different school. she's from SHAH Pekan & im from SEMSAS Kuantan. but we met in a camping program for SBPian @ Taman Negara and yes, both of us are USM

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