Tuesday, July 14, 2009

.:PME Professional Diploma in Sugar Flower:.

peace be upon u

i dont know where to start or what to write =D i feel the excitement of playing with sugar flower still have with me. 6 days course really challenging if u are not prepare .. i mean prepare in aspect mind & soul. bukan la susah tapi perlukan banyak sangat-sangat tenaga. as usual, definitely i will feel comfortable attending calvin's class. reason? cikgu yang penyabar dan tak kedekut ilmu. apart from PME method, he did teach us with his own method and most of the flowers were made accordingly to botanical aspect. which mean, the flowers almost 85% with the real one. a bit different from commercial =)

goodness me, damn tiring *opss excuse my language. just imagine. by 7am i've already hit the road to avoid massive traffic jam after the sunway tol (tempat belajar kat Artisan Cake Craft, Kelana Mall) and by 11pm baru sampai rumah! 6 days in row! bukan nak complain, but that shows us yang calvin ni memang ajar betul-betul and nak make sure all of us manage to come out something that meets PME standard. the class room betul-betul selesa. memang tak de pressure la and we all feel like we are at home. lunch was provided and mind u, bukan caterer service ya. makan kat restaurant kat bawah tu ha.. memang everyday lain-lain tempat makan le =D siap ada tea lagi. seriously i would recommend who ever nak belajar to come and join calvin's class @ Artisan. fee sangat la berbaloi dengan apa yang kita akan dapat. and yes, tools banyak giler dapat and no need to pay extra. all inclusive in the fee. inshaAllah somewhere in august, few of us did request calvin to have class on life size flowers for few types of orchids. anyone would care to join? fee around RM850 inclusive tools. later i will take photos of orchids that he will teach and inform the exact date. till then, need to hit my kitchen cause lots of works to settle with =D

i bet all of cake designer like me would love to make roses right =D this is mine and u should see calvin's and kak naza's rambler rose. sangat cantik okeh!

L: freesia; (R): fushcia

this is called honeysuckle. tedious work but the end product wont disappoint you =D

some of the flowers been thought during 6 days course

us, with calvin

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