Friday, June 12, 2009

.:garden of flowers:.

peace be upon u

just finished deco the basic part for one of the cake and now i'm taking my 'take 5'. penat woooo. haven't stop since last night. prepare flowers. so i guess the best way to make use of my 'take 5', i better update my blog =)

when azreena email me the design that she want, on the spot i recognise the owner of the design. it is kylie's. then i flickrmail with kylie, asking permission from her to use her design but of course i can't produce exactly like hers. but to tell the truth, im happy with the end product. so guys, pleaseee, bear with me for this entry. there will be lots of photos =D to kylie, thank you and to azreena thank you so much for trusting me. senang sangat deal dengan azreena ni =)

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