Tuesday, June 16, 2009

.:chef de la maison:.

peace be upon u

no cake @ cupcakes photos?? naaa leave it for a while. need to refresh with others once a while i guess =D

i seldom cook =D cause im staying with my parents and it seems that my dad doesnt trust my cooking =P owhh dont blame me cause anything cook by ur mom, gerenti sedap. hata telur goreng mata kerbau punnn sedap. so for a few days, i will be chef de la maison =D yesterday i was a bit in hurry and a bit malas. so the best and easiest way masak yang simple-simple jer. mushroom seafood spaghetti, potato salad and buffalo style chicken. semua senang-senang esp the buffalo style chicken cause i use mc cormick herbs. tak sempat nak prepare ingredients for that one.

the buffalo style chicken

the potato salad

the mushroom seafood spaghetti

p/s: and for today's. im done with the cooking. tinggal nak masak sayur jerk =P

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