Tuesday, June 23, 2009

.:pardon me:.

peace be upon u

actually ni bukan sekali dua i dapat email tanya kena derang tak bleh nak leave comment kat shout box i. and they did ask me why did i ban them. to tell the truth, stakat hari ni ada 3 je IP yang i ban and tiga-tiga tu pun ada tinggalkan nick name derang (but obviously tak de link yang derang tinggalkan).

pardon me and forgive me to those yang try to leave comment tapi tak dapat. jue from sugar4sugar pun ada tanya kenapa saya ban dia but then i told her i didnt. then she try again and finally she can leave comment @ my shout box. and i tak de buat apa-apa pun (ban @ remove) sebab memang i tak ban pun.

well here it is...why and how did this happen. according to my hubby, IP is dynamic. which mean they can change it from time to time. only certain IP yang static (if im not mistaken big big company have static IP). so bila u guys punya IP berubah, here the prob in leaving comment arise. so pleaseee...pleaseee... try it again and again. if still didnt work out, do let me know ur IP and i will check or the best way, i will remove those 3 banned IPs BUT any unethical comments, i will delete. or the best way, i will take out my shoutbox. ada shoutbox ni banyak mengundang masalah rasanya .. haihhhh

btw, to ellie, happy burfday gurl! semoga u murah rezeki dan apa impian u, akan dicapai. inshaAllah

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