Monday, June 8, 2009

.:volley ball for u:.

peace be upon

never thought that making this volley ball would be so challenging dan mencabar kesabaran tatkala tangan tengh sakit and 'hidung-lari'. serious sangat la penat. the hardest part, when layering the blue and yellow patch. sebab kalau salah buat, kena buka balik meaning it will tear the base part. i took more than 3 hours to complete this volley ball.

owh ya, dont feel surprise if i say this volley ball is for hantaran cake =D weird? naaa nuthing is weird nowdays. and as usual, yang selalu bagi jalan and add on profile in my decorating items is aida & family. thank you so much aida. and so sorry ya pasal incident that day. and sorry again is kekemasan kerja volley ball tak seberapa kemas. 1st time buat and didnt expect it is not that easy.

again, thank you =)

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