Wednesday, June 24, 2009

.:princess bella is 6:.

peace be upon u

i thoutght when i have ample time, i manage to update my blog regularly. but i was wrong! lagi banyak masa, lagi i leka. more over i was not feeling well. owh lupa nak bitau, i've watched revange of the fallen yesterday evening =D and it was awesome! me almost drop a tear but cannot la. nanti habis smudge my maskara. think i gonna watch it again but i bet, the ticket sold out like goreng pisang panas! even the gold class! btw, gold class @ the gardens sucks. dah la paling mahal among GC , lembap giler service dia. i prefer the GC @ pavillion

owhh enuf of bumble bee =D this cake belongs to bella. sarah, the mommy last minite opt to use the edible image =) thank you sarah and to bella, happy 6th birthday dear!

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