Thursday, June 25, 2009


peace be upon u

i've been given this award by fiza from chiquecakes =D and been tag as well =P uishh quite some time jugak la tak main tagging game ni. but i try my best ya fiza nak jawab ur tagging game ni

The Rules:
* Write 5 interesting facts about the person who gave you this award: fiza @ chiquecakes

1. she is a great artist .. a great cake designer too and i assume that makes her a great architect too
2. did her study @ Portsmouth England
3. and married at there too! and yes, she cooked the dishes for her guest as well (hebat kan)
4. have 4 kids
5. and stay @ puncak alam
** Jot down 10 interesting facts about yourself @ your hobbies:
1. well, i never bake before this
2. i bake my 1st cake 2 years ago =P and its a new york cheese cake
3. fall in love in making sugarpaste flowers and figurine
4. avid lover of handbags & shoes =P
5. currently doing my master in sc environment BUT i guess ive enroll wrong course. and now, tinggal nak write up thesis dan terasa malas amat-amat =(

nak kena tag balik ek? yang susah. well can i change the rule fiza =P i tag all of u, yes u yang tengah baca my blog. please but this award in ur blog ya =P

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